Thursday, March 26, 2009

In Anticipation of Spring

It seems that these dreary, rainy days drag on and on. One of the things that keeps me going is the "anticipation of Spring". Now, I know that spring has officially arrived on the calendar, but not yet in my heart, I suppose. Spring comes when the birds cannot be quieted, the sun cannot be hidden and the flowers cannot stop blooming. This is spring for me. When I am greeted in the morning by a thunderous sound of birds, waking their young and chirping to friends about the activities planned for the day----nest building, worm digging and "flying lessons".

I love the smell of spring--it's almost like my nostrils cannot take it all in at once. I love to go to the rose garden as the new growth begins to come and then as the roses begin to bloom, I love to "drink" in the smells. Soon my lily of valley will emerge from the ground by my pottery shop. These are one of those "sentimental memory" flowers for me. It takes me back 60 plus years to my first encounter with the delicate flowers, growing in our "gangway" back in Illinois, during my growing up years. How I loved those flowers and still do.

Then later on the honeysuckles begin to bloom and their scents absolutely fills the air with fragrance--a "God fragrance" that the perfume manufacturers have yet to capture. As Charles and I rock on front porch, when spring comes, on a quiet, star filled sky, night, we can smell a whole yard full of those marvelous scents that only God can create. Can you tell that I am ready for spring?!?! You bet your garden gloved hands that I am.

Hope that you have a blessed day and the Lord is very close to you the rest of this week.
Blessings and more blessings,
Lynne of Butterfly Creek